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60-minute Mindful Transformation

From Anxious to Empowered

Your wellbeing comes first.
Does this sound familiar ?
  • Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and emotionally depleted on a daily basis

  • Struggling with anxiety that is interfering with work, relationships and overall wellbeing

  • Sadness or depression makes it difficult to find motivation and enjoyment

  • Wanting to build confidence, resilience and coping skills to better handle challenges

  • Feeling "stuck" and needing guidance to identify issues and solutions

  • Having difficulty focusing or making progress on goals due to mental struggles

  • Experiencing relationship problems and needing support/strategies

There is hope. My door is open.

How I can help you ?

My judgment-free mental health coaching session will help you regain perspective and take steps towards improving your wellbeing. Being a certified CBT therapist and a coach trained using the Neuro Linguistic Programming model, I'll actively listen, pinpoint core issues, and equip you with tailored strategies to better manage challenges. You'll feel heard, empowered, and motivated to implement impactful changes. Invest in your mental health and walk away with clarity, insights and a clear path forward. Book a private session with me today.

It's understandable to feel stressed, anxious, sad, or emotionally imbalanced at times. Life can get chaotic and throw us off course. However, when these struggles become persistent or excessive, it signals that something deeper needs to be addressed for your health and happiness.

You deserve to feel mentally centred, resilient, and equipped to handle challenges. But you don't have to figure it out alone. Unresolved emotional issues and unhelpful thought patterns can develop over time, making it difficult to break out of negative cycles.

Booking a Mindset Makeover Session allows you to get expert guidance tailored to your unique situation. Having someone listen without judgment, help you gain awareness, and provide actionable strategies can be truly empowering.

You'll walk away from our session with clarity on the next steps to take so you can regain balance and start mastering your mental health. You'll feel heard, understood, and motivated to implement impactful changes.

Don't wait until you hit rock bottom. Be proactive and book a coaching session now to get on track towards reduced anxiety, greater confidence, and a lighter mental load. You deserve to feel healthy and happy again.

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What will the Mindset Makeover package get me?

3 sessions allow us to make meaningful progress in addressing your mental health struggles. You'll gain clarity, feel supported in implementing changes, and have guidance to sustain positive momentum beyond our sessions.

Working at the Beach

What to expect?

My goal is to create a judgment-free space where you can feel heard, understood, and empowered. In our three 60-minute video sessions, I will actively listen with compassion to understand your unique situation and challenges.

Together, we will pinpoint your core issues, limiting beliefs, and unhelpful patterns that may be contributing to feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness or imbalance. I will offer insight into the root causes and work collaboratively with you to identify actionable solutions.

Expect to gain clarity, feel validated in your experiences, and walk away motivated to implement positive changes. My approach is focused on providing the support, perspective, and practical tools you need tailored to your concerns.

We will create an action plan outlining concrete next steps to help you move forward. I will also equip you with strategies to integrate into your life and develop self-care habits.

You can expect a judgment-free zone, a calm supportive presence, and my full care and attention. We’ll get to the heart of what you’re facing so you can gain awareness, feel empowered, and take back control over your mental health.

What to Expect During Each Session:

Session 1: We will identify your core struggles, pinpoint issues contributing to anxiety/depression/stress, and begin brainstorming solutions.

Session 2: We will delve deeper into root causes, introduce new coping strategies tailored to you, and develop an action plan.

Session 3: We will fine-tune your action plan, check on progress, troubleshoot challenges, and solidify skills/strategies so you feel equipped moving forward.

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Invest in yourself and your mental wellbeing today.

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