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  • Ela Senghera

Use Mindfulness to Boost Your Inner Power

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

It’s easy to get lost in today’s world. With all the noise and information circling around it’s easy to lose touch with the present and miss out on the things we're doing or feeling at a given moment. This is where mindfulness can really help. By focusing on the present moment and accepting it for what it is (without judgement) we can become more grounded, and more balanced and reconnect with our true goals and desires. Mindfulness has been recognised as an effective method to relieve stress and improve general well-being.

Mindfulness can also boost our resilience. The aim of mindfulness is to reach a state of attentive, focused relaxation by consciously paying attention to thoughts and sensations without passing judgement. This enables the mind to come back to the here and now and by doing so - reconnect with our inner power. Below are simple steps on where to start.

  1. Practice Self-Awareness Your personality is the basis for your power. Get to know it thoroughly. You can draw on your inner power when you pause and consider how you want to respond to various events or circumstances. You can better grasp who you are by taking the time to identify your strengths, weaknesses and aspirations. Try using tools like meditation apps to better understand who you are and what works best. Work on your inner power by developing self-confidence. The more content you are with who you are, the less harm the outside world can cause you.

  2. Be Open to New Experiences It could be time to discover new experiences as inner strength entails having the ability to be mentally resilient and adaptable. The best way to achieve this is through engaging in new activities and allowing yourself to be open to exploring and learning. Investing in your own personal development is just as important. Consider trying something new that’s intriguing, smart, and thrilling. Something that you have never done before! At first, you might feel a little uneasy, but remember that new experiences encourage resilience and creativity which form foundations to our inner strength.

  3. Don't Neglect Your Body Being unhealthy on the outside makes it difficult to feel powerful inside. Make an intentional effort to look well and be physically healthy. Eat healthily, get some exercise, and dress in a way that allows you to feel great about yourself. If you take care of your health, your body will support your soul. Don’t get discouraged when things get rough. Remember to use your physical body in your search for mindfulness; the mind, body, and spirit are all intertwined. Our bodies can represent our spiritual selves in a variety of deeply intuitive ways. Try to let go of your thoughts and just listen to what your body has to say.

  4. Spend Time in Silence The outside world can sometimes be noisy. Distractions and interruptions can wear you down leaving you frustrated, exhausted or confused at the end of the day. Let yourself rest and recover. Set aside one day a month to entirely unplug from everything. It gives a wonderful opportunity to commune with nature and simply reflect. With complete concentration, you can only bring order to your inner chaos. Set your timer, go to a place where you can be alone and comfortable, and then listen attentively to your thoughts. You can start with a guided meditation if that seems overwhelming. There are lots of tools you can find online. Choose the one you like, and make a commitment to use it daily.

5. Enjoy simple things

Sometimes, in order to feel better, we don’t need to look far. It’s enough to go for

a walk, listen to the birds, light a candle and cosy up on the sofa. A warm bubble bath

is our favourite! Sometimes, less is more. So, look at your weekly schedule and try to

dedicate time to these simple activities. When done regularly they can be very

grounding. They can help restore our energy, give a sense of inner peace and help us

become more balanced and less reactive.

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