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Teach Your Kids to Build a Positive Self-Image

Are you a parent who:


• Is Worried Their Child Might be Depressed or Suicidal
• Is Struggling to Communicate with Their Child
• Doesn't Know What to Do to Help Them
• Experiences a Decline in Their Own Mental Health?
• Struggles to Sleep or Relax

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You will learn:

• How to Recognise Signs of Poor Mental Health in Your Child?

• What is Self Esteem and Self -Image?

• How does Low Self-Esteem Affect Your Child?

• How to Help Your Child Manage Anxiety and Build Confidence?

Additional to Your Key Content that has been Created by an Experienced Child Therapist

We Have Also Included:

$100 value

• 8 Educational Relatable Videos

• 9 Practical Cheat Sheets

• 14 Simple Exercises that you can complete with Your Child

• 8 Suggestion Boards that will Act as a Reference Point in Various Life Situations

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