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  • Ela Senghera

The Power of Vulnerability: How Being Open with Others Can Lead to Positive Results

Updated: Mar 13

Let's explore something that can feel incredibly difficult but is ultimately so powerful ….


Too often we put up walls and masks, afraid to show our true selves out of fear of judgement or rejection. But the magic happens when we let those barriers down and have the courage to be vulnerable, especially in a supportive group setting. That's what allows real human connection to spark.

Think about a time when you took a risk and opened up to others about something you were struggling with or insecure about. How did it feel in that vulnerable moment? Scary? Exposing? Now think about the response you received - the compassion, the understanding, the feeling that you weren't alone. That's the power of vulnerability. Yes, it can feel uncomfortable to peel back the layers at first. But doing so in a caring collective creates an incredible bonding experience and sense of belonging that we all crave as human beings. We're conditioned to put on brave faces and pretend everything is okay. But keeping everything bottled up is exhausting and isolating. Embracing vulnerability with others lifts that heavy burden off your shoulders.

In our society, there's still this misguided notion that vulnerability is a sign of weakness. But I would argue the opposite is true - it takes tremendous courage and strength to allow yourself to be seen fully. That's where the magic happens.Think about the deep connections you have in your life - they were likely forged through moments of openness, authenticity and mutual vulnerability. Those are the bonds that can't be broken. When you embrace vulnerability in a group setting, whether it's with friends, coworkers, or even acquaintances, it creates this beautiful ripple effect. Your willingness to be open and real gives others the courage to do the same. It cultivates empathy, fosters belonging, and reminds every person in that circle that they aren't alone in their struggles.Stepping into your vulnerability with others is an act of radical self-love and acceptance of your full identity. It's declaring "This is me - the good, the bad, the messy. And that's enough." What could be more powerful than that?

So what stops us from being vulnerable, especially in group settings? Often it's the fear of not being accepted, of being judged, or of making others uncomfortable with our emotions. Our egos want to protect us by keeping up those walls.

But here are three small steps you can take to start embracing vulnerability:

  1. Name your fear out loud, whether to yourself or loved ones. The act of giving voice to it instantly strips away some of its power.

  2. Start small by sharing something minor that made you anxious or insecure recently. Let yourself be seen bit by bit.

  3. Seek out safe spaces and communities that cultivate vulnerability. Surround yourself with others committed to this practice.

I'm not saying it's easy to put yourself out there all the time. Being vulnerable carries real risk and can make you feel exposed. But anything that's truly worthwhile in life requires that vulnerability muscle. Like any practice, it becomes easier over time. So keep showing up fully, keep sharing your stories, and keep being brave enough to let others in, whether in your friendships, relationships or group settings. Let the imperfect, messy side be seen sometimes. That's where the deep human magic lives. Vulnerability is a sign of great strength. When you cultivate that openness with others, it creates profound, unbreakable bonds.  Keep showing up as you are. The world needs more of that courageous authenticity.

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