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Is Your Relationship Silencing the Real You?

Download Our Free Workbook and Find Out !
  • Do you sometimes feel like a muted version of yourself when with your partner? 

  • Do you find yourself going along just to keep the peace rather than expressing your true thoughts and feelings?

  • Do you feel that bit by bit, your interests, values, and identity get chipped away, leaving you feeling lost, empty, and confused about who you really are?

  • Are you missing your ''old'' self and are not sure where things went wrong? 

It's easy to slowly surrender pieces of yourself in intimate relationships.  This gradual identity loss is often subtle at first, but over time, it can seriously impact your self-esteem, your emotional health and your life satisfaction. Resentment build up as your needs get overlooked and the relationship becomes unbalanced.

Not many people are aware that they have been living in their partner’s shadow. It can be difficult to spot this at first. This is why I have created my FREE 10-point Checklist to help you out. The checklist includes key signs to identify if your relationship is suppressing the real you rather than helping you flourish. It also includes first steps on what you can do to re-establish a strong connection with yourself and create an identity you are happy with. Be honest with yourself as you are going through the checklist and assess each area. Once you gain awareness of what needs improvement, you can take steps to reclaim your sense of self and rebuild your relationship on equal footing.


Get it now and start building new dynamics where you feel seen, heard and accepted as you are.

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