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Your mental health is a priority

Why Is Mental Health Important ?

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Global Crisis

Suicide is the Second Biggest reason for death in people aged 16-24

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68% of women & 57%

of men with a mental illness are parents

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Young People

50% of mental health issues starts by age 14, (75% by the age of 25)

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Virtually Unbreakable Podcast is here to help you to overcome your obstacles and live a happier and more fulfilling life. In our podcast, we discuss topics such as:

  • How to Use Your Mind to Serve You?

  • Changing Your Limiting Beliefs 

  • Raising Happy & Confident Children 

  • How to Improve Your Relationship?

  • Building Your Support Network

  • Finding Inner Balance and Happiness

  • Building Positive Self Esteem

  • Creating Life That Serves Your Values

  • Developing a Positive Mindset

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E-Courses for Parents

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Teach Your Kids to Build Positive Self-Image 

✅ Are You Frequently Worried About Your Child ?
✅ Do They Have a Poor Self Esteem & Low Confidence ?
✅ Do You Struggle to Connect & Communicate with Them ?
✅ Do They Seem Withdrawn, Anxious or Depressed ?
✅ Are You Unsure How to Manage Their Anxiety ?

✅ Do You Experience Decline in Your Own Mental Health ?

Money Back guarantee
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Mental Health Guide for Busy Mums

✅ Do You Frequently Juggle Far Too Many Things ?
✅ Do You Feel Overwhelmed about Your Role as a Mum ?
✅ Are You Feeling Irritable and Hopeless Most of the Time ?
✅ Do Your Friendships and Romantic Relationships Suffer ? 
✅ Are You Unsure How to Become More Confident & Happy ?

✅ Do You Want to Have a Stronger Support Network ?

Money Back guarantee
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At VirtuallyUnbreakable your mental health is our priority. We believe that the first step to ensure mental health in families is to support parents. This is because poor mental health in parents contributes to poor mental health in children, often leading to emotional and behavioural problems in children, decreased academic results, lower resilience as well as putting strain on relationships.

At VirtuallyUnbreakable we recognise that there is lots of stigma associated with mental health. We created our brochure ''Facts and Myths About Mental Health'' to help you identify them recognise them. Download for free and get to know the facts and biggest myths!

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Love means different things to different people. Our relationships define us. They are an important part of our lives. Our happiness and life satisfaction often depends on the quality of our relationships. Despite being such common aspect of our lives it's something that so few of us manage to get ''right''. Why is that? What can be done to build healthier more meaningful connections with others? We believe that there are certain factors that form strong foundations in relationships. Download our brochure and learn about those foundations and key steps in forming supportive relationships with others. 

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E-Books & Audiobooks

front cover of a mental health guidebook for busy mums

Become Happy & Balanced Mum !
Listen & Learn ..

✅   What is Your Values System and Why Is It Important ?

✅   How to Use Your Mind to Help Your Create Dream Life ?

✅   How to Identify and Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs ?

✅   How to Develop Self Acceptance, Confidence & Self Worth ?

✅   How to Create a Support Network to Help You Grow ?

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Money Back guarantee
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Raise Confident & Happy Children !
Listen & Learn ..

✅   What is Stopping Your Child from Being Happy ?
✅   How Does Low Self Esteem affect Your Child ?
✅   How to Identify & Transform Limiting Beliefs in Your Child ?
✅   How to Build a Positive Self-Image in Your Child?
✅   How to Build Resilience, Confidence & Manage Anxiety ?

Money Back guarantee
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Book Cover of 'Finding Love by Ela Senghera

Find Love and Be Loved!
Listen & Learn ..

✅   What Role Do You Play in Your Relationship Dynamics ?

✅   How to Create New Beliefs that Support Your Love Life ?

✅   What are Boundaries and Why Are They Essential ?

✅   How to Develop Trust and Communicate Better ?

✅   What to Do to Create More Intimacy and Joy ?

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Finding Love
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Take control
of your mental health today !

Now is the perfect time to improve your life! Don't wait any longer. Book a 30 min complimentary call and discover how I can help you on your journey to wellbeing. Weather that is rds developing healthier habits, building more supportive relationships or  helping tackle your limiting beliefs. 

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Our products are designed to improve mental health in families.We are taking a true interdisciplinary approach, much needed to tackle this important issue. Check our reviews on Trustpilot. We are committed to improving your wellbeing. 

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The course for busy mums

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The course for busy Mums gave me a huge opportunity to consider how I am feeling with myself, who I am, who I want to be and whether I am happy. But not only. It helped me to think about different aspects of my life. It gave me lots of knowledge about many activities I could be doing on a daily basis as well as taking a look of my future. I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to change their mental attitude for the better. Thank you.

— Joanna, Luton

Picture of Ela

My name is Ela Senghera and I’m a founder of Virtually Unbreakable. Being a certified CBT therapist and a coach trained using Neuro Linguistic Programming model I’m passionate about helping people become the best versions of themselves. I love helping them become more confident, more resilient and happier. This is why I have created Virtually Unbreakable, a company dedicated to improving mental health in families. Mental Health in families always starts with healthy, happy and balanced adults. Positive self image and emotional resilience in parents transfers to children. At Virtually Unbreakable we create user friendly, affordable and accessible educational tools. Tools that make a true impact. Putting your wellbeing at the centre of our focus. Do get in touch via LinkedIn or book a complimentary call to discuss how I can help you become more confident, resilient and happier.


Please note that we are not a crisis service and we do not provide medical advice. We accept no liability for any loss or injury to your health or the health of your family members.In case of emergency please dial 999 or 988 (in the UK). Alternatively if you would like to speak to someone, you might wish to get in touch with one of the services below

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